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Our fulvic and humic acid products help to restore and revitalize tired, nutrient-depleted soil by enhancing soil fertility, improving water retention, and promoting beneficial microorganisms.

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Organic Sustainable Farming


Embrace sustainable organic farming practices with our fulvic and humic acid products. Promote responsible environmental practices while enjoying the benefits of healthier plants, higher yields, and organic soil that is rich in nutrients, fosters soil fertility, and retains water.

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Evaluating soil fertility for successful organic farming.


Anasazi Gold Organics proudly offers a full range of 75 million-year-old certified organic humates and humic-rich mineral supplements and products
Crop rotation maintaining nutrient-rich organic soil for sustainable farming


Our Humates are derived from cretaceous plant matter within ancient freshwater lake beds, making our products more bio-available and loaded
Certified organic humates for soil revitalization and fertility enhancement


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Organic fertilizer nourishing and revitalizing the soil for sustainable agriculture


The field of agriculture offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities for individuals passionate about sustainable food production, environmental conservation, and rural development.
Preparing organic soil with sustainable agriculture techniques.Humates
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With 30 years of experience in agriculture and eco farming, working with professionals

AGO is internationally dedicated to self-sustainability through the utilization of natural mineral substance "humate" for the benefit of the Earth, plants, and humans.


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How To Make Humate Rich Compost 101

There’s no “best” way to make compost. It depends on how quickly you want it, how much time and equipment you devote to it, adding humic acid and raw humates as a compost accelerator, works wonders!  The care you give your compost also determines the quality of your compost soil.

Humic acid is not only a compost accelerator but when incorporated into your organic soil can dramatically increase yields. Because it stimulates soil microorganisms it helps plant roots receive water and nutrients.

Humic Acid Speeds Up Composting:  Humic acid isn’t a fertilizer, it’s a biostimulant. It gives microorganisms the extra nutrients needed to rapidly decompose your pile. When you’re creating your compost pile think of humic acid as a compost accelerator because watering your pile with a dilute humic acid water stimulates microbial activity.


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